Athens War Museum - 2, Rizari street, Athens 106 75
Tel.: +30 210 7252974-5-6

The Museum is located very close to “Evaggelismos” Metro station

Smoking in the Meeting venue is prohibited by law.

Certificate of Attendance

All registered participants will obtain the credits printed on the Certificate of attendance, which will be sent electronically right after the meeting, based on the total hours of attendance ( the bar code printed on the name badge will be scanned during the entry and the exit in/from each meeting room).

Meeting Language

The official congress language is English. All presentations should be prepared in English only.

Local Organizing Secretariat

1, Menandrou Str., 14561 Kifissia, Tel.: 213 045 5951
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Website:

Name Badge

The name badge will be the official ticket and should be worn at all times in order to access meeting rooms and exhibition hall, coffee/lunch stations.

Meeting Currency

All payments must be made in EURO (€)

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